URN: http://vtn.chdtu.edu.uaurn:2306:44553.2018.162696

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24025/2306-4412.3.2018.162696


H. V. Ukhina, А. А. Bilenko, V. S. Sytnikov


Transfer function coefficients’ effect on the properties of amplitude-frequency characteristic, which should be taken into account at adjustable components designing, is considered. On the example of typical digital filters of the first order of low and high frequencies, the dependencies of the transfer function’s numerator and denominator coefficients on the cutoff frequency, as well as the denominator coefficient’s dependence on the ripple index are found.

Ключові слова

low-level TP ACS; primary signal processing; characteristics correction; characteristics adjustment; separate and complex restructuring; transfer function coefficients; implementation of restructuring.

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